Saturday, June 1, 2013

Plans for the Summer

Oh, Panera. How good you are to me.

Summer 2013 has only just begun, so I decided to share my plans for these hopeful months.

1. GOLDRUSH- probably what I am most looking forward to out of this entire summer... God is so good!
2. Travel- if I could, I would never stop traveling and discovering the world
3. Go to South Carolina- I am spreading my grandparents ashes with my family, and then we are having a small vacation (in the celebration of my grandparents' lives of course)
4. DIYs- I have been superr artsy lately and would love to continue some projects with my sister, friends, and by myself (except for music) in the solitude of my room.
5. Drivers Ed- one of the less exciting plans... (Now that I am updating this- I just finished this last week)
6. Pool and beach time-  you know exactly what that is :)
7. Of course party it up with my friends! I am SO SO SO excited because Carrie Sawyer (one of my best friends who moved to the Netherlands last year) is coming back this summer and I plan on making her sick of me by the time she leaves because I will not leave her alone.... Anyways! She is adorable and so artsy, and she has a blog as well. I am absolutely obsessed with it! Here is the link:

Sorry, this wasn't too interesting, but I plan on posting an easy, awesome DIY tomorrow! So stay tuned ;) 


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